​ Services​

We know that in times of crisis the last thing you need is mountains of information to process.

That is why we give you the  information you need to know in a short no-nonsense concise manner.

Remember your home care is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Free Assessment

We offer a free no obligation assessment of all your care needs.​​
​One of our trained Care Managers will contact you and arrange an appointment in the comfort of your home. This will allow them to fully assess your needs in your home environment. They will personalise and tailor a care plan best suited to you.

Our Care Manager  will also answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable to  discuss your fears or concerns.
They will also give you options as care must never be a financial burden for our clients and immediate family.

Peace of Mind Home Care Solutions pride ourselves with always finding a solution to your home care needs.

Request your booking now 
0800 048 8686. One of our team will be in touch with you within 24hrs.

If you need help sooner phone us on 0800 048 8686  and select option 3 emergency care and one of our team will be there to help you.

Live-In Care

We believe that home is where the heart is.

Our agency offers you 24hr home care so that you can remain in your home.

Our carer will reside with you in your own home but if you do not have the extra accommodation we also have Home Care plans that can  accommodate your care needs for 24hrs. 

We will tailor a care plan to suit you and your needs. This includes personal care, diet and household chores.  

Live-In Care allows you to keep your independence and your quality of life.

We pride ourselves in not just finding you a carer but we assign a            care​r that understands your care needs as well as your cultural needs. ​

Our Managers together with your loved ones and other agencies will tailor your plan so that life as you know it does not have  to change.


Dementia Specialist Care

We pride ourselves with being able to offer you some of the best home care there is when dealing with dementia.

Our dementia team are trained in all aspects of dementia care.

They are able to detect and pick up on behavioural patterns and deal with it in innovative ways.

Our dementia teams have specialist knowledge enabling carers  to motivate clients and deal with challenging behaviour in a totally different way.

Our agancy works very closley with Culture Dementia UK. We therefore pride ourselves in being able to offer you one of the most culturally diverse dementia  home care services packages in the UK.

We match our homecarers and dementia  sufferers very carefully so that culturally we give them the best care we can offer. 

Emergency Care

You arrive at your loved ones home and can see they are not coping or you receive a very distressing call.

                        You don't know what to do.

We can arrange for one of our managers to do an emergency assessment and put temporary care in place,​ giving you time to evaluate the situation and discuss an ongoing home care plan best suited to your loved one.



Personal Care


​An illness or disability means  you may need that extra little help around the home. Our services include assistance with:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Bed routines
  • Household chores
  • Personal Assistant
  • Meal times 
  • Medication -   if your medication needs are complexed we can assign a registered nurse as part of your care plan

Our tailored care plans help you to keep your dignity whilst we support you with day to day living. Emotional support and encouragement is constantly given making it possible for you to remain in your home and live independently.

Hospital to Home

Returning home from hospital can be daunting.

We can help you settle back into your own home.

We can consult with your assigned social worker and arrange an appropriate care package for your return home.

We can offer help from a simple care package to a high level care with the assistance of a registered nurse. We offer a service that gives you peace of mind.

Holiday Care

We offer a fully comprehensive Holiday Care Package.

Why shouldn't you go on holiday or be able to vsit your granchildren.

Our carers will travel with you and if needed trained nurses can  be arranged for your care needs.

We also offer care if  your everyday carer needs some personal time. Our carers will take over the duties of your carer while they go and recharge their batteries so they can continue with your care.

Some  families are torn between having a holiday and leaving a family member behind. We assign you a carer so that the burden of care is minimal , everyone can have a good time and  most importantly you don't have to leave your loved ones behind.

One of our dedicated Care  Managers will arrange a meeting with you in your home and assess your holiday needs. All travel arrangements for the carer will be made by the client.

Terms and Conditions  apply to the travel arrangements made for carers accompanying clients.

Personalised Complex Care

We have fully qualified nurses that together with our care team can deal with more complexed care such as:


  •  Clinical or degenerative needs that have to be constantly monitored.
  • Physical needs that need long term support.
  • Care needs that use life sustaining technology 
  • Long-term recovery processes, such as post intensive care.

Our managers together with specialist nurses and carers will administer quality care together with very stringent monitoring of all care standards.

We look after your mind as well as your body.

Care can have a big impact on your life and your loved ones.  For those that need an extra little help we can deal with the complexities that often evolve.

We also offer support to our carers so that  they maintain and deliver the high quality and standard of care our company expect of our staff.